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My name is Andrew, I currently reside in the great state of Idaho with my wife and our three kids. I began flying in 2016, started Birds Eye View in 2018, and became an airline pilot in 2019. Flying has allowed me a better career as well as many adventures with family and friends. Any time I go flying it is magic... come and see for yourself!

my story

As a kid I used to get motion sick while driving so I never gave flying much consideration as a career. However, after working in the management side of construction for 6 years I realized I wasn’t loving my current career. My brother helped tip the scales when he convinced me to give flying a chance and at least get my private pilot's license. He was a bit biased since he had been an airline pilot at that time for over 15 years. After my first flight I was sure that flying was going to be a huge part of my life. I kept flying as much as my current job would allow until I finally decided to quit my job in January of 2017 and start pilot training full-time. I am so glad I made the choice to switch careers even if it meant starting over and losing a hefty paycheck each month. In a little less than a year I got my commercial license and shortly after that became a CFI. A year after I earned my CFI I was hired at the airlines and have had a wonderful and enjoyable career since. 

As I was making my way to the airlines, accumulating hours and teaching others to fly, I loved to watch as the lightbulb would come on for each of my students as it did for me. It only took one flight for that same feeling to convince me of the passion I had for flying and teaching. I found a great sense of accomplishment and self worth teaching as a CFI and wanted to continue helping others achieve their flying dreams.

At Birds Eye View we value a straightforward mindset... in our communication, our flight instruction, helping you become a pilot, and even the way that we handle maintenance of our aircraft. Come meet with us and I’m confident that you will enjoy the experience. 

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